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    ๐—ช๐‡๐˜ is now a good time to buy, even with HIGH interest rates??

    By Rachel Johnson | September 26, 2023

    We know that the topic of mortgage interest rates has been on everyoneโ€™s minds lately. Itโ€™s easy to get caught up in the numbers and wonder if now is the right time to make a move. Thatโ€™s why we sat down with our favorite local lender at Dream Home Lending to shed some light on... Read More

    ๐Ÿก Smith County Housing Report ๐Ÿ“ˆ

    By Rachel Johnson | August 16, 2023

    HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW โžก๏ธ ๐Œ๐ž๐๐ข๐š๐ง ๐๐ซ๐ข๐œ๐ž ๐‘๐ข๐ฌ๐ž: Homes in Smith County are currently fetching a median price of $322,000, marking a 3.9% increase from this time last year. ๐Ÿ“ˆ ๐ˆ๐ง๐ฏ๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐จ๐ซ๐ฒ ๐’๐ก๐ข๐Ÿ๐ญ: Weโ€™ve noticed more active listings lately. Currently, we have 3.7 months of inventory, which is nearly double compared to the 1.9... Read More

    Red, white and BLUE-berries!๐Ÿซ

    By Rachel Johnson | July 27, 2023

    Red, white and BLUE-berries!๐Ÿซ We had so much fun last weekend at our client appreciate event at the beautiful Blueberry Hill Farms ๐ŸŒณ ๐Ÿงบ We rolled up our sleeves and got our hands dirty picking blueberries, filling our baskets with those juicy little gems. And letโ€™s not forget about the amazing blueberry lemonade ๐Ÿ˜‹ But... Read More

    South Tyler Luxury Living – 7052 Calumet Drive

    By Rachel Johnson | July 27, 2023

    South Tyler Luxury Living – 7052 Calumet Drive Read More

    Say Goodbye to 2% and 3% Mortgage Rates!

    By Rachel Johnson | July 27, 2023

    Say goodbye to 2% and 3% mortgage rates! Itโ€™s time to accept the new reality of mortgage rates! Those rates in the twos and threes from 2020 and 2021 are a thing of the past. Acceptance is the first step to moving on. Donโ€™t worry, though- we have a few lenders who can help you... Read More

    Inside a Show-Ready House

    By Rachel Johnson | July 12, 2023

    Is Your Home Show-Ready? If your house is on the market, you need to leave your home show-ready EVERY DAY. What does that look like? Clean Clutter Free Organized Fresh The home in this video is all of those things. You never know when a buyer will request a showing, and they might be THE... Read More

    The New Normal in Real Estate: What Sellers Need to Know for a Successful Spring 2023 Sale!

    By Rachel Johnson | April 3, 2023

    The New Normal in Real Estate: What Sellers Need to Know for a Successful Spring 2023 Sale! During the past few years’ booming real estate market, sellers were able to quickly list their homes and receive multiple offers above the asking price. However, the situation has changed in the spring of 2023. The average days... Read More

    What You Need to Know BEFORE You Start Your Home Search

    By Rachel Johnson | March 15, 2023

    What You Need to Know BEFORE You Start Your Home Search Know what you can afford. If you are ready to start house shopping, there are some things you need to know BEFORE you get started! Your down payment, your loan type, and your interest rate is going to affect your monthly payment and could... Read More

    Private Schools in Tyler Texas

    By Rachel Johnson | March 1, 2023

    Private Schools in Tyler, Texas Tyler has you covered when it comes to your kid’s education. Tyler, Texas has a WIDE variety of options when it comes to education for your kids. In addition to the public schools system here, we have more than 10 private schools! Faith-based schools, Montessori schools, charter schools, and even... Read More

    PMI: What it is and when you can stop paying it.

    By Rachel Johnson | February 22, 2023

    Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment by Removing PMI PMI. What is it and how do you remove it from your monthly payment? Look at your current mortgage statement. Does is show PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance on it? If so, you might be able to drop that off and save that money every month. Lenders... Read More