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Homestead Tax Exemption

Homestead Tax Exemption: What is it? How do I file for it?

If you purchased a primary residence last year and you haven’t filed for your homestead tax exemption yet, you should do it now.

A homestead exemption can save you hundreds of dollars on your property taxes every year. (The amount will vary based on the value of your home.)

Two things to know:

1. A homestead exemption can only be filed on your primary residence. This means you live there the majority of the year.

2. You can only have a homestead exemption on one property (because only one property can be your primary residence).

How to File:

Search the web for you county’s appraisal district website and navigate to the homestead exemption form. This form needs to be completed and sent back to the appraisal office. Most county appraisal district offices are super helpful! So, if the form is confusing to you, go into your county’s office and they will help you fill it out and get it submitted.

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