Dee Martin Quizzes New Agent After His First Year in Real Estate

Dee Martin, owner of Dee Martin Realty Group, sits down with Kilton McCracken after his first year in real estate to talk about the highs and lows and what he finds the most rewarding.

Dee: So what has been your favorite part of this business?

Kilton: I would say, and I think most Realtors probably would say this, getting to the closing table. There’s a lot of work that goes into each transaction, managing the transaction, managing the person. But getting to that point where you’re able to hand the keys to the buyer or get the keys from the seller and and get that to the buyer. That’s a great feeling! And that’s what we work for is making our sellers and buyers get to that point where their dream of selling and buying is accomplished and so we just get a chance to be a part of that story and so that’s by far the greatest part of real estate for me.

Dee:  Yeah, it’s fun. So, what has been your biggest challenge?

Kilton: You have to be a counselor.

Dee: Well, you’re pretty good at that!

Kilton: I counsel people for marriages and things like that and being a realtor you have to be able to manage personalities, manage the emotions of a buyer or a seller. I mean, I don’t know how many times I’ve had a buyer or seller on the phone crying, you know because something happened.

Dee: Stressful.

Kilton: Yeah, very stressful. This is a huge, maybe the biggest transaction that somebody’s going to make, and so managing the emotions, making sure I stay as calm as I possibly can while you know helping individuals that definitely can be a challenge. But you know, it’s a part of it and it makes the closing day even better and that’s why one thing I’ve learned for you is you talked about how when we write our post about closings make sure it’s not about us as a as Realtors but it’s actually about the buyer or the seller because they’re the ones who you know are the hero of the story in a sense.

 Dee: yeah, yeah it’s all about them. So when you are out and about and you’re talking about real estate do you think people understand what your job is really like? Like, do you think the actual public who never has done an all-commission job before really understands what we do?

Kilton: Clueless!

Dee:  Yeah.

Kilton: I don’t think the average person and it’s funny cause I say that about pastoring and preaching as well I don’t think people realize the work that goes into meeting a buyer or a seller, getting them to trust you, and walking them through the transaction. It’s just most people don’t understand they see the closing and the story in between that you know and I don’t expect people outside of the business to understand it you know I just I don’t because it’s a huge expectation and it’s a lot that goes into it and that’s why I respect other Realtors as well because it’s a lot that goes into what we do.

Dee:  Yeah, so you always say “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”. When you joined the team how do you feel that being on our team at Dee Martin Realtor Group has been helpful?

Kilton: It’s been very helpful! I was as green as a realtor can be!

Dee: Everybody is!

Kilton: And I passed that test and the test gives you information on just you know laws and terminology. Basically informational things. But coming into real estate, there’s a lot that I didn’t know and to be able to call you and to call Jonathan and ask questions that you guys know at the drop of a dime that was that was very helpful for me because it allowed me to be presented as someone who had the information and actually I only had it through the access of my team. I mean we have the social media person, like we have so many different things..

Dee: A lot of support.

Kilton: A lot of support, a lot of systems and so I get an opportunity to actually be an extension of the Dee Martin Realty Group like I represent Dee and Jonathan. Like,and that that helps me in my business because now I’m not out here winging it on my own and I get a chance.. I remember one of the things I used to always tell clients is you can go and look at our reviews and there was a time where I had none like where you know,  I’m basing it strictly off of the team that’s behind me it’s almost like a little kid saying yeah my mom and dad’s going to take care of that. You know, just talk to them and so now I’ve learned a lot and I can you know I can manage transactions but at the beginning it was not like that and I’m grateful to be able to be on a team and that’s why I always say “team work does make the dream work” because I mean I’ve taken two trips this year and I remember there was one transaction that was going on while I was in Kentucky and we were able to still help our client while I was you know 14-hours away spending time with my family and so that’s impossible if I’m doing it by myself and I love that!

Dee:  We love you being on the team. So, speaking of your family, I know you’re like all about your wife and kiddos and you have a church that you’re leading as well. But how have you figured out the kind of work life balance that people talk about, I mean it’s pretty tough but what have you discovered in this how to do that?

Kilton:  You know, it’s I think it’s just making sure that I keep the things that I prioritize as a priority and so you know, we do family night on Thursday nights and I keep that I’ve never had to tell someone hey I can’t show because of our family night because those things happen more in the evening time after you know main hours but I think my family understands that this is a part of the business and you know a lot of times my daughter if it’s in the evening time she goes with me she loves to go to showings. But I’ve you know I’ve been able to just balance it just because I plan and I nothing comes at as a surprise in a sense and so I plan my day out I get up very early in the morning and so I think the planning behind it I think it helps. And yeah, that’s how I’ve been able to balance it but it’s a lot. I mean it’s you know juggling all three of them, it’s a lot but you know it’s worth it and I’m you know I got enough energy to keep going and  yeah so I like being able to juggle those and a lot of them just they actually overlap.

Dee: Awesome, so 2024 is coming and we’ve had a pretty good year this year next year we have some pretty high goals and I know you have some really high personal goals. So, what is your what are you most excited about for 2024?

Kilton: Yeah, so I’m excited just to be able to set that goal out there and try to achieve it but I think the more I achieve my goal the more I’m actually helping people achieve their goal and I think that’s the very important part. 2023 I remember we sat down, at the end of 2022 we set our goals and I  was clueless

I think I said 15, to do 15 transactions and you know was able to meet that and now I’m setting an even higher goal and so that’s why I want to get in front of more people because I know that there are tons of people out there that that want to buy, that want to sell.

Dee: And need your help.

Kilton: Yeah, and they need my help and so I tell for sale by owners a lot you know when you need to have surgery you don’t just go in your backyard and have surgery. You know, you call a you call an expert in and so now I can boldly say that I’m an expert not because of my knowledge but because the team that stands behind me and I can help people get to the goal that they’re trying to.

Dee: And the experience, you’ve had this year. It’s been awesome, that’s great! Okay so just so you know, if you are looking to buy or sell, Kilton is a great agent that will work super hard for you and we are really thrilled to have him on the team and so if we can help y’all in any way, give him a call!


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